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Publish directly from Figma to the web

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Introducing Detachless: Seamless Web Publishing Directly from Figma

Detachless is revolutionizing the way designers and developers work by allowing them to publish directly from Figma to the web, effectively eliminating the need to toggle between multiple tools. This innovative platform not only simplifies the workflow but also maintains the integrity of design throughout the development process.

Key Features of Detachless

  • All-in-One Workflow: Detachless integrates deeply with Figma, enabling designers to stay within their favorite design tool throughout the design, publish, and maintenance stages.
  • Instant Publishing: With just a click, users can transform their Figma designs into live websites, making the transition from design to deployment as smooth as possible.
  • Continuous Sync: Any adjustments or updates to the design in Figma are seamlessly synced to the live website, ensuring that the latest changes are always reflected without any hassle.

Designed for Efficiency and Simplicity

Detachless is designed to enhance productivity by keeping all web design and development processes in one place—Figma. This integration not only saves time but also ensures that designs are perfectly translated into functional websites.

  • Early Access: Detachless is currently available for early access, inviting users to be among the first to experience its unique capabilities.
  • Comprehensive UI Kit: The platform offers a free UI kit with two themes and three distinct styles, providing a robust foundation for any project.

Why Choose Detachless?

Choosing Detachless means opting for a streamlined workflow that not only boosts efficiency but also enhances the design and development process. It is ideal for those looking to reduce the complexity of their toolchain and for teams aiming for high fidelity between their designs and live websites.

Explore Detachless today and transform the way you design and deploy websites. Join the waitlist to gain early access and start leveraging the power of Figma for a complete web publishing solution.

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