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A Full Stack Jamstack in-a-box

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Bison is a comprehensive full-stack solution designed to jumpstart your web application development. Developed by EchoBind, Bison integrates the best practices and tools to provide you with a robust starting point for building your modern web application. By addressing common development concerns and incorporating industry standards, Bison allows you to focus on what makes your app unique rather than the boilerplate setup.

Key Features:

  • Full-Stack Ready: Bison is not just a front-end or a back-end solution; it's a cohesive full-stack framework. It's designed to get your entire application up and running quickly, with both client and server sides well-integrated from the get-go.
  • Modern Technologies: Leveraging the latest and most popular technologies, Bison is built with a React frontend and a Node.js backend. This combination offers a seamless development experience and high performance for your application.
  • GraphQL-First: Embracing the power of GraphQL, Bison provides a type-safe API layer. Enjoy the benefits of advanced querying capabilities, real-time updates with subscriptions, and more efficient data retrieval.
  • Strong Typing with TypeScript: Bison is fully typed with TypeScript, helping catch errors early and providing a more predictable codebase. Whether you're a seasoned TypeScript user or new to typed languages, Bison makes it easy to maintain and scale your application.
  • Testing Made Simple: With a testing framework in place, Bison encourages test-driven development. Pre-configured with tools like Jest and React Testing Library, it's ready for you to write and run tests from day one.
  • Best Practices Included: From code formatting with Prettier to linting with ESLint, Bison incorporates best practices to keep your code clean, consistent, and easy to read.
  • Community-Driven: As an open-source project, Bison is continually evolving with contributions from the developer community. Your feedback and contributions are welcome to make Bison even better!

Getting Started:

Dive into Bison by cloning the repository and following the setup instructions. Within minutes, you'll have a working full-stack environment ready for your custom features and creativity.

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