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Your Fast-Track to launching customized SaaS projects with Next.js and Nuxt

Starter KitOne-time feeTypeScriptJavaScriptTailwindPrismaNode.js+10 more is a groundbreaking platform offering production-ready SaaS starter kits designed to accelerate the development of Next.js and Nuxt-based applications. By providing a comprehensive set of features and tools, SupaStarter enables developers and indie hackers to launch their SaaS projects in days, not months, allowing them to focus on their core business and innovation.


Created by Jonathan Wilke, SupaStarter is born from the understanding that time is invaluable for developers and entrepreneurs. It's aimed at those who want to bypass the repetitive groundwork and dive straight into creating unique, value-driven SaaS applications. SupaStarter's mission is to provide a solid foundation, equipped with all the common functionality a SaaS requires, empowering developers to build efficiently and effectively.

Core Offerings:

  • Next.js and Nuxt SaaS Starter Kits: SupaStarter provides two main starter kits tailored for Next.js and Nuxt. Each kit is equipped with a robust set of features including:
    • Authentication: Secure and scalable user authentication setup.
    • Internationalization (i18n): Built-in support for multiple languages.
    • Billing & Payments: Integrations with popular payment gateways like LemonSqueezy and Stripe.
    • Database and Backend: Prisma for database management and trpc for end-to-end typesafe APIs.
    • Pre-built Pages: A blog, a landing page, and other essential SaaS pages, all ready to use.
  • Tailwind CSS Templates: SupaStarter offers ready-to-use HTML templates built with Tailwind CSS. These templates are fully responsive, accessible, and customizable, providing an excellent starting point for landing pages and more.

Why SupaStarter?

  • Speed and Efficiency: Launch your SaaS quickly with a pre-configured, feature-rich base.
  • Focus on Your Business: With the essentials covered, you can concentrate on innovating and growing your core product.
  • Scalability: Whether it's a small project or a large-scale SaaS, SupaStarter's architecture is designed to scale with your needs.
  • Community and Support: Stay up to date with the latest from SupaStarter and engage with a community of like-minded developers and entrepreneurs.


SupaStarter is more than just a set of tools; it's a catalyst for innovation and efficiency in the SaaS development space. By providing a reliable, feature-rich starting point, SupaStarter empowers developers to bring their SaaS visions to life faster and with more confidence.

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