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The React library to build dashboards fast

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Tremor is an innovative React library designed to streamline and enhance the process of building fast and modular dashboards. As an open-source project made by a team of data scientists and software engineers with a passion for design and functionality, Tremor provides developers with a powerful toolkit to create insightful and interactive analytical interfaces with ease.


Tremor was developed with the vision of democratizing the creation of analytical dashboards. Recognizing the challenges in developing fast, responsive, and visually appealing dashboards, Tremor aims to provide a solution that balances design and functionality, allowing developers to build sophisticated dashboards without the usual complexity.

Core Features:

  • Modular Components: Tremor's architecture is based on simple and modular components, making it easy for developers to compose and customize dashboards to fit their specific needs.
  • Fast Development: With a focus on speed, Tremor allows for rapid development of dashboards, enabling quicker insights and decision-making.
  • Open Source: Fully open-source, Tremor encourages collaboration and contributions from the community, continually evolving based on real-world use and feedback.
  • Tailwind CSS Integration: Leveraging Tailwind CSS, Tremor ensures that dashboards are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and fully responsive.
  • Tremor CLI: The CLI tool provided by Tremor simplifies the setup process, making it easy for developers to get started on their projects right away.

Empowering Developers:

Tremor is more than just a library; it's a tool that empowers developers to create dashboards that drive insights and action. By providing a set of building blocks that are both easy to use and highly customizable, Tremor enables developers to convey complex data through intuitive and interactive visualizations.

Community and Contribution:

The Tremor project thrives on community involvement and open-source collaboration. Developers are encouraged to contribute their ideas, improvements, and bug fixes to help make Tremor an even more powerful tool for dashboard creation.


With its focus on modular design, fast development, and community-driven evolution, Tremor is setting a new standard for dashboard creation with React. Whether you're a data scientist, a software engineer, or a developer interested in data visualization, Tremor provides the tools you need to create dashboards that make an impact.

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