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Collection of modern UI components and effects crafted in React and Tailwind CSS.

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ui-snippets by Julien Thibeaut is a unique collection of modern UI components and effects designed to bring a new level of visual dynamism to web projects. Crafted with React and Tailwind CSS, this platform offers a variety of interactive and aesthetically pleasing elements that are ready to integrate into your next web application.


ui-snippets was created to empower developers and designers with tools that go beyond the conventional, offering components that spark engagement and elevate the user experience. It aims to provide an easy-to-use resource where creativity meets functionality, allowing for the development of websites that truly stand out.

Core Offerings:

  • Text Effects: Including gradients, animated gradients, shine effects, and more, these components make textual content vibrant and eye-catching.
  • Button Variants: A range of buttons featuring background shines, gradients, hover effects, and spotlight interactions to enhance user interaction.
  • Input Fields: Stylish input fields with gradient borders, spotlight effects, and pulse animations to make form-filling visually engaging.
  • Badges: Badges with animated gradients, shine effects, and text gradients to highlight and accentuate important information.
  • Cards: Interactive cards with animated border gradients, spotlight effects, pulse borders, and tilt animations for a polished look.

Why ui-snippets?

  • Innovative Design: Each component is designed with a modern aesthetic and interactive elements to create a memorable user experience.
  • Ease of Integration: Built with React and Tailwind CSS, integrating these components into your project is straightforward and flexible.
  • Focus on Aesthetics: The platform understands the importance of visual appeal in user engagement and provides components that are both functional and beautiful.


ui-snippets is more than just a UI component library; it's a design inspiration that pushes the boundaries of conventional web design.

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